The Top 5 Nudes You Can’t Live Without!

Hey Everyone! Since I got such a positive response from my last post, The Top 5 Browns You Can’t live Without, I thought I would do another similar post. This one is going to be all about nude/neutral eyeshadows and feature my picks for each category. Again, this is just my opinion in what can help make a collection complete, and what I’ve found helps me the best. These shades can be in the form of powder, cream, etc. Here we go! ( scroll down to read about each color)

#1.The Eraser– This is a color that I talk a lot about in my YouTube videos that should help “erase” any mistakes by blending into your skin tone much like a face powder  does. I find the skin around my eyes is a bit lighter than the rest of my face, so I prefer using a color like Brule by MAC instead of a face powder for that area. This color CAN be used for the same thing as color #2, but I highly recommend getting a different shade that disappears completely into your skin, so that you can’t see it at all.

#2.The Matte Highlight– As the name says, this highlight shade should be matte and compliment your skin tone flawlessly. It is one of the most important neutral shade you can have, and for me it’s Bone by Bobbi Brown. I use this color with almost every single look. The goal of the color is to be able to match everything and everything, and most importantly not compete for any attention. You should able to use this color on the lid, brown brown, and inner corner; and if your’e lucky, you can use this as an eraser if you’re in a pinch.

#3.The Champagne Highlight– A perfect example of a champagne highlight is Candlelight by Bobbi Brown because  it has such subtle highlighting qualities that mimmic being lit from within. Champagne colored highlights are excellent for eyes, but also double as a superb cheek bone highlight for a natural looking inner-glow. This type of neutral shade is great in a collection because its such an amazing alternative to a white highlight or lid color.

#4.The Bright White– For this shade I recommend finding a super bright, stark white color. My favorite is the Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk by NYX, which is a cream eyeshadow. This type of product is an excellent base when using bright colors because it grabs ahold of the pigment and makes colors appear brighter. You can also apply it to your inner corner or brow bone and blend it out to create an insanely bright highlight.

#5.The Complimentary Shade– The complimentary shade is an absolute must for every collection because it can be used in conjunction with other shades or by itself. This will be a color that you feel looks best on your skin tone and give a subtle wash of color. For many this is an eyeshadow like Naked Lunch or All That Glitters (both by MAC), or any taupe, tan, or peach color that is more often that not a frost. Because my skin tone is extremely neutral, All That Glitters (possibly the most popular complimentary shade ever) can look a bit too peachy/pink toned on me. Coincidentally, Elle Fowler (AllThatGlitters21) has a pink toned complexion, so its no wonder the color that she named herself after looks so fantastic on her! Thankfully, in the 2012 Hey Sailor Collection, MAC came out with an eyeshadow called Jaunty which was similar but more of a neutral sandy color ,which worked a lot better for me. This is probably the most important color you can acquire on your quest for the perfect collection, so make sure you’re absolutely in love with it; if you’re not, then keep looking. Remember, the goal of this color is to be a “go-to” color that you can throw on your lid with some mascara and feel great.

Thanks for reading ❤

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The Top 5 Brown Eyeshadows You Can’t Live Without!

Hey Everyone! Today’s post is about the top five brown eyeshadows that I believe should be in everyones collection. My top five browns just happen to be all MAC eyeshadows but feel free to use this as a guideline for what you already have and or what your favorite brands are. Pictures and swatches are below.

#1.  A Cool Light Brown, such as Wedge, should be an essential in everyone’s makeup collection because it wears so many hats. This type of color can be used as a lid color, brow color, and my personal favorite, the queen of all blending colors! Wedge, for me, is a go-to color for any and every look if i need to add depth to my crease or blend out any harsh edges. It is also an amazing transition color from crease to brow bone.

#2. A Warm Light Brown is another basic must-have for the same reason as a cool light brown. My favorite warm light brown, Cork, is amazing at adding warmth to any look at the same time as blending and transitioning colors. Though I typically prefer more cool to neutral brow colors,  a color like this is excellent if you are trying to add warmth or just naturally have a warm hue to your hair color.

#3. A Medium/Dark Brown is one of the first colors I would recommend picking up as soon as you start collecting makeup. This essential eyeshadow for me is, Espresso, but it’s important for this color in particular to be most suited to your skin tone. I find that Espresso is a neutral brown, but some people could argue it leans more warm or cool; it just depends. The eyeshadow you choose for this category will be a staple color used for many things, so make sure you choose one that you feel works best!

#4. A Warm Red-Brown, like Folie, is a must-have for me because it makes simple, everyday looks seem instantly more high-fashion. I believe this is because most people wouldn’t normally gravitate towards an eyeshadow with red undertones for fear of looking tired or ill. While this is a valid concern when it comes to pink and red eyeshadows, red when mixed with brown correctly, it can be one of the MOST flattering combinations and make you look more editorial and chic. **I like to use this color in the crease and attach to the outer part of the lower lash line**

#5. A Deep Cool Brown is a fundamental piece for all collections, especially for those who love smokey eyes. The most basic and common way to use a color like this is to apply it to the lid/crease and more heavily in the outer corner to add depth for a classic smokey eye. However, I like to use this color with an small angle brush to add insane, natural looking thickness to my lash line. My favorite deep cool brown is Mystery.

Sigma Defining Eyes Palette

Hey Everyone! I picked up this palette at IMATS last weekend and have been loving it! Let me start out by saying the pigmentation, blend-ability, and texture are all excellent. This palette comes with eight eye shadows, two gel liners, a dual-ended pencil, and a dual ended brush.

The eye shadows on the top row include a black (In The Dark), a navy with a slight purple undertone (Midnight), a grey color with a hint of warmth (Fog), and a frosty champagne highlight shade (Halo). The bottom row includes a medium warm brown (Brunette), a deeper neutral brown with gold shimmer (Chestnut), a neutral light/medium taupe (Smoke), and a white/shell highlight shade (Beam).    **I love that this palette comes with two different highlight shades!!**

Overall the eye shadows are pretty consistent in quality, yet three in particular stand out to me. Starting with a positive, Smoke is by far the nicest taupe shade I’ve come across for my complexion. I love how you can wear it sheer, but also easily build it up for more intense color. I also appreciate it’s versatility in how it weighs perfectly neutral in color, not leaning heavily warm or heavily cool.

Although In The Dark is a perfectly fine black shade, I did expect more because Tiffany D is notoriously picky about the depth, pigmentation, blend-ability, etc. in black eye shadows. The pay off is fine but there are WAY deeper/blacker shades available than this one.

I never thought this could be possible coming from a palette that my favorite guru created herself, but i absolutely cannot stand the color Chestnut. In the palette it looks gorgeous, but once swatched it becomes a muddy, glittery mess. The texture and pigmentation is incredibly poor in my opinion. I wish this color was somehow salvageable using some magic technique, but its just not there for me.

The gel eyeliners, Blackout (a black) and Chocolate (a brown), are fantastic and also “pop-out” of the palette for convinience. Personally I dislike using gel eyeliner because for me the prove to be tricky and result in me having to complete take off and redo my eye makeup, but these gel liners are very easy to work with. They are extremely smooth and rich, and I look forward to practicing my technique using THESE gems.

The dual-ended pencil consists of a white side and a navy blue side. The blue side is very similar to the Midnight eyeshadow, but it is slightly brighter. The pencils are creamy, long lasting, and easy to apply on both the lid and the waterline. The dual-ended brush includes an E55 and an E30. The E55 is good for packing on color to the lid, and the E30 can be used for small crease work/eyeliner, etc.

Make sure to click the video to see how these colors apply LIVE 🙂

Sigma Resort Palette

Hey Everyone! I am SO EXCITED to share the Sigma Resort Palette with you! I believe it comes out later this Spring, but I was able to get my hands on it early at IMATS L.A. last weekend. And can I just say WOW?! It’s probably my favorite palette I’ve ever purchased. I love how it has amazing neutrals AND gorgeously wearable bright colors. It seriously makes me want to go somewhere in the Bahamas every time I look at it. Without further ado, here are the pics and swatches :



and if you want to see a tutorial on how to use some of the colors, then click on my video ! 🙂


Hey Everyone! This year at IMATS L.A. was so fun! I got to meet so many people and see so many amazing things! Here is and video and  some pictures of what I got : ( dont forget to scroll down to see INSIDE of imats)


Tiffany D for Sigma Beauty Defining Eyes Palette


Inside the Tiffany D Palette


Sigma Resort Palette


Inside the Resort Palette


Crown Brush Kabuki Style Brushes


Crown Brush Pink Handled Brushes


Crown Brush Flawless Face Blender


J Cat Beauty Eye and Lip Pencils


J Cat Beauty Lip Glazes

IMG_1530J Cat Beauty Pigments and Glitter Liners

What I’m Brining to IMATS : The Complete Beauty Edition

Hey Everyone!

As you can probably tell, I am going to IMATS Pasadena this weekend! Last year (2012) was my very first year going and I had a fantastic time! However, before going I searched “what to bring/wear to IMATS” and “what to expect at IMATS” and shockingly found very little. So here is the complete list of what I am going to be bringing with me beauty wise :

SKIN: Loreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream (Fair), Nars Sheer Glow Foundation (Siberia), MAC Studio Finish Concealer (NW15), MAC Select MoistureCover Concealer (NC15), Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Under Eye Illuminator, Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer, Sonia Kashuk Brightening Powder, Nars Albatross Highlighter, Benefit Watts Up Highlighter, MAC MSF (Light Plus), MakeupForever Blush (#10), Physicians Formula Light Bronze Pearl.

EYES: Urban Decay Primer Potion (Original), Bobbi Brown Rich Caviar Eye Palette, MAC quad (Espresso, Satin Taupe, Expensive Pink, Shale), N7 Liquid Liner, Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil (Zero/Whiskey), Chella Brow Gel, Benefit They’re Real Mascara, Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes Mascara,

LIPS: Ulta Lip Pencil (Rose), MAC lipstick (Glamourdaze), Loreal Color Riche Balm (Nourishing Nude).

BRUSHES: (see video)

When you get to the show you will need to wait in line to get your wristband first, then you will get into another line  which is around the other side of the building (you’ll see it). After you get in you want to head to the booth you most want to see first ( I recommend researching which companies/shows/etc will be there before arriving ) because chances are that if you skip the booth you want to go to the most because the line seems too long, you’ll end up having to wait in an even BIGGER line later. Unfortunately lines do not “die down” at IMATS. You’ll also want to research what kinds of discounts the companies are offering and make a budget for yourself.

As far as what to wear, I’ve seen it all. You want to look good obviously because you will be taking pictures and meeting people in the beauty industry, but don’t take that as an invitation to wear a prom dress! Anything from nice jeans and a t shirt to a day time dress would work perfectly. I will be wearing a blousey button down and black jeans with chunky jewelry and cute flats from C Wonder. Speaking of flats, thats exactly what you will want to wear. You will most definitely be waiting in long lines and fighting through crowds all day.

When lunch comes around, there is a nice plaza right across the street with places like PF Changs and Rubios. A bit farther than that (walking or driving is ok) is Colorado Blvd which has tons of places to eat. Just make sure to keep your wristband on!

Thats about all the tips/info I can think of besides to just have fun and take tons of pictures. If you are going and want to do a meet up you can message me or tweet me. I will be checking my twitter and posting pics all day 🙂 hope to see you there!

OMG Something Has Changed Guys!

Hey everyone! So as I’m sure you have probably noticed, the name of my blog has changed! This is because I have been trying to expand my channel/blog and “pepperpots18” was not very clear as to what my videos and blog posts were about. “Beauty By Sarah Marie” on the other hand is quite a bit more clear in my opinion. This blog will have the same exact kinds of posts and information so if you like it, don’t worry! However as of now my YouTube channel name will still be “pepperpots18” due to the fact that I have to figure out a way to inform all of my subscribers that I will be changing that name as well as and to subscribe to the new channel.  I’ll keep you posted!