Sigma Defining Eyes Palette

Hey Everyone! I picked up this palette at IMATS last weekend and have been loving it! Let me start out by saying the pigmentation, blend-ability, and texture are all excellent. This palette comes with eight eye shadows, two gel liners, a dual-ended pencil, and a dual ended brush.

The eye shadows on the top row include a black (In The Dark), a navy with a slight purple undertone (Midnight), a grey color with a hint of warmth (Fog), and a frosty champagne highlight shade (Halo). The bottom row includes a medium warm brown (Brunette), a deeper neutral brown with gold shimmer (Chestnut), a neutral light/medium taupe (Smoke), and a white/shell highlight shade (Beam).    **I love that this palette comes with two different highlight shades!!**

Overall the eye shadows are pretty consistent in quality, yet three in particular stand out to me. Starting with a positive, Smoke is by far the nicest taupe shade I’ve come across for my complexion. I love how you can wear it sheer, but also easily build it up for more intense color. I also appreciate it’s versatility in how it weighs perfectly neutral in color, not leaning heavily warm or heavily cool.

Although In The Dark is a perfectly fine black shade, I did expect more because Tiffany D is notoriously picky about the depth, pigmentation, blend-ability, etc. in black eye shadows. The pay off is fine but there are WAY deeper/blacker shades available than this one.

I never thought this could be possible coming from a palette that my favorite guru created herself, but i absolutely cannot stand the color Chestnut. In the palette it looks gorgeous, but once swatched it becomes a muddy, glittery mess. The texture and pigmentation is incredibly poor in my opinion. I wish this color was somehow salvageable using some magic technique, but its just not there for me.

The gel eyeliners, Blackout (a black) and Chocolate (a brown), are fantastic and also “pop-out” of the palette for convinience. Personally I dislike using gel eyeliner because for me the prove to be tricky and result in me having to complete take off and redo my eye makeup, but these gel liners are very easy to work with. They are extremely smooth and rich, and I look forward to practicing my technique using THESE gems.

The dual-ended pencil consists of a white side and a navy blue side. The blue side is very similar to the Midnight eyeshadow, but it is slightly brighter. The pencils are creamy, long lasting, and easy to apply on both the lid and the waterline. The dual-ended brush includes an E55 and an E30. The E55 is good for packing on color to the lid, and the E30 can be used for small crease work/eyeliner, etc.

Make sure to click the video to see how these colors apply LIVE 🙂


Hey Everyone! This year at IMATS L.A. was so fun! I got to meet so many people and see so many amazing things! Here is and video and  some pictures of what I got : ( dont forget to scroll down to see INSIDE of imats)


Tiffany D for Sigma Beauty Defining Eyes Palette


Inside the Tiffany D Palette


Sigma Resort Palette


Inside the Resort Palette


Crown Brush Kabuki Style Brushes


Crown Brush Pink Handled Brushes


Crown Brush Flawless Face Blender


J Cat Beauty Eye and Lip Pencils


J Cat Beauty Lip Glazes

IMG_1530J Cat Beauty Pigments and Glitter Liners